An exhibit that celebrates the launch of a movement. Told through the experiences of Memphians.

Inaugurate the Resistance is an exhibit that brings together photographs, stories, and footage from the Women’s Marches that happened on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC and Memphis, TN. Collaborating artists include photo journalist Yalonda M. James (Yoshi Foto), Joann Self Selvidge (True Story Pictures), and Sara Kaye Larson (Maps & Weather Productions), along with co-curator Jamie Harmon (Amurica). This exhibit was displayed at Crosstown Arts from May 4th-8th, 2017. 

Audiences who experienced this show entered a gallery that was draped to prevent outside light. In the center of the room, a "visual tunnel" of screens with a montage of projected march footage engaged viewers as if they were participants themselves. Chanting, singing, sirens, and voices from overhead speakers above moved in and around the tunnel as audiences moved into the space between the two screens. The wall behind the tunnel was adorned with signs of resistance. Protest posters that community memberss brought to contribute to the show were hung on laundry lines back and forth across the wall.

Along both side walls, portraits of march participants floated in front of large format images from DC, plus two additional large format images: a panorama of the Memphis march and a matrix of images submitted by Memphians who participated in the marches. In between each grouping of photographs, audiences put their ears to listening stations to hear stories that were recorded in DC and Memphis.  

If you would like to sponsor this exhibit for another showing in a gallery space secured through the Downtown Memphis Comission, please contact Joann Self Selvidge.

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You can purchase one of the photographs from this exhibit! The show features 12 framed portrait photographs (12" x 18") which will be available for purchase, along with the background images: 6 large photo panels, which are mounted on jet board (44" x 66"). Email us for details.

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Inaugurate the Resistance at Crosstown Arts was sponsored by:

Planed Parenthood

Memphis Women in Film

True Story Pictures

In-kind sponsorship by:

Crosstown Arts 

Frame Corner